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TheVine-logo-3colorC TRAN Logo for Vine Homepage

Bus Rapid Transit FEATURES

BRT is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to speed up buses and make service more reliable and comfortable. BRT systems typically include:

  • Giving the bus priority at traffic signals so it spends less time stopped at red lights and also enhances pedestrian safety;
  • Providing real-time information to riders so they know when the next bus is coming to allow them to manage their time better;
  • Using low floor buses and raised platforms to improve boarding and disembarking for all transit riders;
  • Building high-quality and well-lit bus stations to improve safety and comfort; and
  • Providing streetscape improvements and amenities to make the street safer and more comfortable for pedestrians and bicyclists accessing the transit stations.

Bus Rapid Transit EXAMPLES

BRT technology was pioneered in Latin America and has also been implemented in Australia, Canada, and Europe. It is currently used in many United States cities, including Eugene, Seattle and Everett in the Pacific Northwest, because it is cost effective and allows communities to experience benefits relatively quickly. To learn more about BRT in other cities visit The National Bus Rapid Transit Institute web site.

Bus Rapid Transit BENEFITS

The Vine offers an improved transit experience for thousands of riders daily. Experience in other North American cities has shown that bus rapid transit can reduce transit travel time by 15-30%, and improve transit reliability (on-time performance) to almost 100%.

Faster and more reliable transit service results in shorter transit commute times and more people traveling to and within the Fourth Plain corridor between downtown Vancouver and the Vancouver Mall for shopping, restaurants, and other commercial activities. Pedestrian improvements and landscaping also encourage walking and foot traffic by making Fourth Plain a more pleasant place to shop and stroll.